A rebrand for my alma mater

Most people who know me–or at least who have been around me between September and December of any given year–know I’m a proud graduate of the University of Georgia and a big fan of UGA football. I was thrilled last week to see that UGA has unveiled a brand refresh, and that it looks phenomenal!

First thing’s first; I’m glad to see the primary logo, by which the school is most often recognized, remains the same:

Georgia G

… and they’re not necessarily retiring the other images affiliated with the school and its athletic programs:

Miscellaneous Bulldogs

… but that they’ve replaced it with a much simpler, stronger, and more modernized bulldog whose jaw is mercifully in alignment (that’s always bothered me):

Bulldog Logo

And of course, sharp new typography and uniforms:

New Uniforms

Overall, I’m pleased as both a designer and a fan with the brand refresh. It gives the school’s athletics programs a fierce, competitive, and modern look will staying true to the school’s roots and history (very important around these parts). Congratulations to UGA and its partner Nike on the new brand–and Go Dawgs!

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