March 2013

Upcoming maternity leave

StorkI’m pleased to let you know that Red Queen Design Studio has an exciting event on the horizon–I am expecting my second little princess in early June!

I place a high value on both my business and personal relationships with clients, so I want to publicly announce my plans are for maternity leave, for returning to work, and for taking care of my clients in the meantime:

My maternity leave is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 24 and will continue through early September. During that time, I will check email as often as my (and baby’s) schedule allows. If urgent design needs spring up, I will do my best to tackle small projects, and I will have a talented and trusted back-up designer on call to help if I am not available or when projects are too large to handle with a new little one. Once I return to work in September, I will be working condensed but full-time schedule that will allow me to perform the same amount of work I always have, while also accommodating my growing family. I’ll keep my blog updated on the specifics in the weeks prior to my return.

In the meantime, I’m feeling great and working hard, so if you have design projects that are imminent, I’ll be happy to get them put to bed before I leave on May 24.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to discuss the timing for an upcoming project, feel free to contact me at Thank you!

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