February 2013

Client Spotlight: MUKORO | BESPOKE

Style mentor Stan Mukoro established MUKORO | BESPOKE to assist executives, star athletes, and other highly successful men in creating effortless wardrobes, immaculately tailored to each individual’s lifestyle and personality.  Mr. Mukoro selected Red Queen Design Studio to create not just a logo for his company, but a graphic identity that would convey the full message of MUKORO | BESPOKE’s customized offering.

First, Red Queen combined a signature typeface and individually kerned letters to create a masculine, refined, and effortless logo for MUKORO | BESPOKE—a logo that demanded an equally powerful business card as the cornerstone of the company’s graphic identity. Red Queen guided Mr. Mukoro in selecting the colors (midnight blue and black), the papers (rich, luxurious, and heavy) and the printing technique (back foil for subtle contrast on dark paper) for the card, which would be built in two layers for added weight and tactile appeal.

Close communication with the printer brought our vision for the card to life. The printer first created a sample run to ensure the black foil stamp on dark paper had the subtly elegant look demanded by the MUKORO | BESPOKE brand. Upon our inspection and approval, the individual cards were trimmed and hand-assembled to create a final product with the same sartorial sophistication that characterizes Mr. Mukoro’s work.

(Press proofs of the business card.)

The MUKORO | BESPOKE business card is not one the recipient stuffs immediately into a pocket, but one that is inspected and admired, whose heft and texture are tested for a few moments before it is slipped away for safekeeping. It’s a card that is impactful and memorable, a 3.5” x 2” representation of the man it speaks for. Most importantly, it’s a card that works constantly for Mr. Mukoro, simply because it is too compelling to be tossed aside and forgotten.

To learn more about Stan Mukoro and MUKORO | BESPOKE, please visit www.mukorobespoke.com, designed and maintained by Red Queen Design Studio.

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